About Eco-Battery, Inc.

Eco-Battery, Inc. a Jack Lane Company is headquartered in Glen Burnie, Maryland has been in business since 1996 with over 20 years expertise in the power industry. Our installation of Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Systems (UPS), Electric & Construction Services is unsurpassed in its technical expertise and efficiency. By providing these complete services, we will be the ONE SOURCE for all of your needs.


Eco-Battery, Inc. Is Your One Source For UPS, Telecom & Utility Battery Sales and Installation, Removal & Disposal, Battery Handling & Rigging, Preventive Maintenance, Charger Sales & Services, Government Sales & Services, and Battery Monitoring Systems.


Our Mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective and timely delivery of products and services for our customers, by consistently providing a high level of quality services, we are our customer's “Vendor of Choice". We understand the vital nature of Emergency Power and Mission Critical Systems, which is why our Quality Initiative inspires us to continuously seek methods to improve our services . Eco-Battery, Inc began as a Green Company, our goal at the onset was to recycle lead acid batteries and make the environment safe for future generations. Due to customer demand we expanded our services to include installation, sales and service of batteries.


Mass transit Clarence E. Ross - Mass Transit Administrator

Principal System Engineer, Traction Power

"On behalf of the MTA, I would like to say “Thank you” for the several years we have had a business relationship. Eco-Battery has done a fine job for MTA, Several years ago the first contact I personally had with Eco was the replacement of our UPS batteries in Section “A” of the Metro system. This in itself was no easy task as the battery rooms of many of the stations were not easy to reach and the battery cells that needed replacement were quite large and heavy. Eco met the challenge with skilled personnel and proper equipment to do the job right the first time. This project was completed ahead of schedule and without injury or major incidence. Since the time of this project, Eco has replaced Section “B” batteries with equal skill and timely performance. Eco has done additional service work on other battery strings MTA has in service with the same high quality workmanship and timely response. Eco’s ability to get the job done right and on time, without incidence, and without interruption of the public’s use of MTA services is very important to me. You have made my job easier.I look forward to the continued use of Eco’s services if the occasion should arise.”

Network Power Patrick Bentz - Emerson Network Power Global Services

Baltimore-District Manager

With more than one million power and environmental control systems installed throughout more than 100 countries Liebert Corporation is a recognized world leader in power and environmental systems and services. Our power protection line offers the broadest range of solutions in the industry, from surge protection and power conditioning to Uninterruptible Power Supplies in off-line, on-line and line interactive topologies, software and communications. Liebert has utilized Eco-Battery services over the past 8 years for UPS battery replacement associated with Liebert UPS units. They have provided consistent, prompt service and follow-up. Any request we have made of them results in a quick turn around time with exceptional service. They continually look for ways to improve their service their and welcome any challenging situation. Eco-Battery takes great pride in customer satisfaction, which in turn allows Liebert to maintain high customer satisfaction levels. I would gladly recommend their services

department of energy Jerome Jennison - Western Area Power Administration

Department of Energy

"I am impressed with Eco-Battery’s experience, knowledge, eagerness and strong ability to perform.”

department of justice Jim Russell - Criminal DivisionTelecommunications

US Department Of Justice

Your team works well together and the work flows almost as if it is choreographed. Job well done!!!

What We Offer

Battery Installation:

Eco-Battery Technicians provide installation of Flooded and Valve Regulated battery systems which include assembly of racks, hardware and Spill Containment Systems. ECO Technicians have installed hundreds of Telecom, Switchgear, Utility and other DC Power Plant Equipment in cities all over the United States. We provide battery certifications, load testing, and IEEE 450 acceptance testing.


De-Installation & Disposal:

At Eco-Battery, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing proper de-installation and disposal of lead and non-lead battery systems. ECO is an approved recycler for the state of Maryland. We have contracts with government approved and regulated smelters that ensure your batteries are disposed of per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines. Our customers are provided with recycling certificates and Letters Of Consumption that document proper and safe disposal of spent batteries.


Battery Handling & Rigging:

Eco-Battery, Inc. can assist you by handling, rigging, and even mounting your rectifiers, inverters, disconnects, and battery systems as well as removal and disposal of your DC power equipment.


Preventive Maintenance:

In order for battery systems to safely reach their maximum life capacities, they must be properly maintained. ECO can perform battery systems evaluations and scheduled Preventive Maintenance of your battery systems, which will ensure optimum performance and life expectancy. ECO Technicians provide our customers with a detailed Inspection Report which documents the IEEE test results.


Charger Sales & Services:

Eco-Battery, Inc. can provide your company with a total solution for Charger products - from the sale, to the repair and installation of your charger. Our Technicians provide diagnostic services and emergency response to our customers


Government Sales & Services:

Maryland Department of Transportation has certified Eco-Battery as an Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Eco-Battery recently graduated for the (SBA) 8(a) program where we provided UPS battery sales, installation, de-commission & recycling to the following Agencies: Department of Energy (DOE), Army, Air Force, Navy, US Pentagon, NASA, & FAA. We accept government credit cards for easy payment arrangements.


Battery Monitoring Systems:

Our technicians have been trained in the installation of Battery Monitoring Systems. These systems provide our customers with increased system reliability and optimizes the life of the battery. The monitor system detects cell or module problems by monitoring all the important parameters on a continuous basis and performs periodic proactive tests.


Project Management:

Making certain you have the right backup power system for your critical applications is the focus of our Project Managers at ECO. Whether your scope of work entails product identification, evaluation and procurement, or the planning, assignment and implementation of scheduled tasks -our team of highly skilled Project Managers can execute and complete the assignment. Our Project Managers will also coordinate tasks between multiple contractors, provide you with Project Plans/documentation and conduct project status meetings.

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